Uncertain Passages

“Don’t get too near that leak. You wouldn’t want to wind up in the other universe, would you?”

Kurt Vonnegut’s repeating character Kilgore Trout took to calling mirrors “leaks,” as he believed they were a connection to another universe. While to many this might seem like typical Vonnegut absurdity, to me it has always been a reminder of the way our imaginations can run wild when presented with curiosities, and the possibility of parallel universes is one of the most provocative curiosities of all. Nearly everything that defies explanation has considered alternative universes, including déjà vu, religion, and even physics. While I have been thinking of the possibility of other worlds since I was a child, the current prominence of the “multiverse” in modern physics is what has lead me to my current fixation with the topic and serves as the backbone of this recent body of images and physical constructions.

The Uncertain Passages series explores and meditates on the unobservable reality that theoretically underpins our existence. The photographs seek to balance the exhaustion of attempting to photograph an idea that may prove not to exist with the poetic license that comes from working with currently unknowable paradoxes. I have wandered the world building and finding symbolic doorways that pass through time, space, matter and other curious phenomena so that I might embrace the unknown and welcome viewers to engage with the complex sense of wonder that defines our species. When answers are evasive, as they often are in modern science, we hold to this wonder and accept the words of Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

©Jay Gould, All rights reserved.
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